Martin and Katie – a beautiful couple so in love!

We were at the Gold Coast and it was hot, but that didn’t matter! The day belonged to Martin and Kate and the lovely family and friends who shared their day! Darren and I were privileged to be a part of their day too!
Here are a few images from their wedding day!



view more images here!

Warhammer Model sees the light!

Well it is a model, but not like I would normally shoot!  This is a special Warhammer model purchased from the  UK!  My son assembles and paints these things, and does a pretty good job at it!  My task was to photograph it and I decided to photograph it with a dark feel.  The detail and amount of work that has gone int this is amazing!

four more pics – click here!

Testing, testing, testing!

Warehouse Studios has been built as a professional hire studio facility from the start!  Studio 2 is able to take a car and while I did not build it for motor vehicle photography, I need to find out the limitations of the studio when shooting a vehicle!  So today was spent trying a basic car shoot – now NOTE – I am NOT a motor vehicle photographer!

With that in mind I set out to sneak the new GTI into the cyclorama using lengths of cardboard, as I don’t own the go-jacks needed for this type of shoot!  With the GTI in I started about trying some light positions.  What I was really looking for was the reflection of the building ceiling in the surfaces of the car.  Yes it does reflect as I thought, so now I need a clever solution to the problem.
more images here!

Warehouse Studios finished and ready for hire!

Finally I have the studio to a point where it can be hired out. Yesterday was spent test shooting to showcase some of the options available at Warehouse Studios! Some images from the test shoot showing the large cyclorama in Studio 2 and the terracotta and green moveable wall. I also stole some pallets from the business next door!

more pics from the studio here!

Light at the end of that tunnel!

Just a quick update for now, progress and I can now see the finish…. just!

These three pics show you what it looks like now!


The build continues…….

Short and to the point – a couple more pics to show the walls almost ready for painting.  The curves are still to be build and the electrical has to be finished.


Warehouse Studios – the build begins!

Yes, it has begun!

After a long search over 4 months, I have finally found a space to set up Warehouse Studios – a professional hire studio here in Brisbane Australia. I am however two weeks behind already thanks to the wonderful work by the owners solicitors! There is a saying ‘everything was going along nicely until solicitors got involved’.. it is so true.
As the studio/s take shape I will post more information but for now some images from the first 4 days of building.

Gary m
more build images here!


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